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Is Your Type 2 Diabetes Not Improving? Free Seminars Happening Now!

It's been several years since we have been able to have our Type 2 Diabetes Seminars due to the pandemic. Now that the "fog" is lifting, we are very excited to bring them back for you.

Our first two seminars in February and March have been a big success. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes want to do something to help their condition, and many of them are lacking the information they need to make educated decisions, and to understand that they CAN do something to improve their condition even when they have failed in the past.

At this seminar, people get the truth for the very first time about what Type 2 diabetes is. Knowing what it is and what causes diabetes gives everyone hope that they can take control of it, and Dr. Gringeri gives them a path to regaining their health and well-being.

People who attend the seminar are also given the opportunity to schedule a diabetes evaluation with the doctor at a reduced price.

Below are a few video testimonials from some attendees, and how they liked the seminar. We edited them to be shorter because they shared a lot with us, they were very excited about what Dr. Gringeri had to say.


Seminar Success #1

Seminar Success #2 -

We invite you to register for our FREE Type 2 Diabetes Seminar. Call our office today 408-984-7444, or visit the Free Seminar page to see when the next seminar is scheduled.

We look forward to seeing you!

In good health,

The Human Engine Clinic


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