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Specializing in simple Type 2 Diabetes lifestyle improvements to regain your health! Dr. Gringeri also addresses stroke recovery, neuropathy,  digestive issues, and chronic or acute structural pain.

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The Human Engine Approach™

Dr. Gringeri has been helping patients with Type 2 diabetes, neurological issues, neuropathy, digestive issues, and chronic and acute structural pain for decades. Now is the time to take back your life with simple solutions. His unique Human Engine Approach™ can transform your life and it can be applied with all the conditions below.

What is the Human Engine Approach?

In it's simplest definition, it is a unique combination of Oxygen, Fuel, and Spark. Every "body" is different, and all bodies need their own combination of oxygen, fuel and spark to perform at the optimum level. Optimum level meaning - healthy, free of pain (or much less pain, depending on the patient), and very little or no medication. If you are a stroke patient, it could also mean partial or full recovery of lost motion or speech.


No one likes to be in pain. When you suffer from an injury, migraines, or just wake up with neck or back pain, it can be very debilitating. It's best to address it as soon as possible so it does not become a chronic issue. If you have a chronic issue, don't wait. Contact us today! Dr. Gringeri helps patients everyday to alleviate pain and live a pain-free life.


Most people who have had Type 2 diabetes for any length of time know that even when following doctor's orders to a tee your medication levels need to consistently increase to keep your glucose numbers under control. Your medical doctor will likely have medication(s) as his/her main focus for managing your condition. Our focus is to help you decrease your glucose numbers with simple, natural, proven methods. Your health will improve in the process. Your medical doctor will still manage your care, and as your glucose numbers get better he/she will likely be able to reduce and eventually eliminate your medications.


Neuropathy is usually a side effect of having Type 2 diabetes for an extended period of time. Most people do not realize that there is a solution to their neuropathy, other than amputations, which is a very grim prospect indeed. Helping patients wtih their Type 2 diabetes will also help with their neuropathy. Dr. Gringeri can address any acute neuropathy case right away to decrease or eliminate amputations in your future. You need to act quickly if you suffer from neuropathy, it is not something that will go away with your current medical treatment. CALL TODAY to schedule free consultation 408-984-7444.


Dr. Gringeri has treated many patients who have suffered a stroke, or who have had Huntington's Korea or Parkinson's. The Human Engine Approach™ has worked for many patients to regain more movement, balance and dignity. If you, or a loved one has any of these conditions it's time to see what improvements can be made. It's never too late to get some or all of your independence back!


The pain and stress of having disgestive issues weighs on a person and sometimes you may feel like nothing can be done. I'm here to tell you that something can be done. Let's talk about what is happening with you and how we can work together to find a solution for you.

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