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Type 2 Diabetes and More

Type 2 Diabetes Care

Using The Human Engine Approach™ Dr. Gringeri works with each patient to isolate what nutritional, physiological, and neurological changes need to occur for them to reach their health goals. Your personal plan is geared to fit your lifestyle, and in most cases only minor changes in diet and exercise are required. This makes it easy for you to succeed! Our Type 2 diabetes supportive care programs are safe and effective and our goal is to help you to decrease your blood sugar levels enough that your medical doctor can reduce and/or eliminate your diabetes medications.


Parkinson's Disease and Stroke


Dr. Gringeri has had incredible success using the The Human Engine Approach™ for patients suffering from Parkinson's or a stroke. His thorough evaluation of your condition will allow the doctor to provide a path for treatment and improved recovery. Each patient's condition is unique, so your program will be tailored to your exact needs.


Community and Patient Education

Dr. Gringeri has dedicated his career to helping others gain knowledge so they can better their lives. He has been doing educational seminars in his office and throughout the community through his entire career. He spends time with each of his patients to make sure they have the information they need to participate fully in their own recovery. He always has information for his patients to reference. Dr. Gringeri also provides educational seminars on Type 2 diabetes. Register for an upcoming FREE seminar. If you have Type 2 diabetes or know someone who does, this is a must hear seminar!

Dr. Gringeri recently published a book called The Ultimate Solution to Type 2 Diabetes. You can learn more about this book and purchase it here.

The Human Engine Clinic accepts all major insurance providers, medicare, worker's comp and personal injury claims. Please contact our clinic for more information on our rehabilitation services by calling 408-984-7444.


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