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We are Here for You

We are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients. Consider us part of your team when it comes to your health and body care. Without you, we would not be here. Thank you to all our patients for allowing us to assist in your health needs. We know each person is unique and it is our pleasure to find the program that works best for you, whether it is a routine adjustment or you are working with us on a specific program, we are here for you.

Meet the Doctor

Richard F. Gringeri, DC is one of Northern California’s leading authorities on alternative treatment for Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and a variety of digestive disorders. A popular lecturer and author, Dr. Gringeri’s unique approach to optimizing body function through chiropractic, physiotherapy, and nutrition has allowed him to develop breakthrough treatments for many life-threatening health conditions. A graduate of Palmer-West Chiropractic College, Dr. Gringeri has been in practice since 1987. He has served as an adjunct faculty member for Palmer Chiropractic College providing advanced clinical training and experiences for interns and graduate students. He worked with Lee Evans--an Olympic gold medalist from San Jose State--as the doctor for the track athletes Lee took to the 2000 Olympic Games and for the Olympic Hammer-thrower from San Jose for the same Olympic Games. He was also asked to be the doctor for the nation of Sierra Leone in these Olympics. He has had a book written by an international children's entertainment icon--Anthony Field of the Wiggles--about the work that he an another chiropractor did to help Anthony called, How I Got My Wiggle Back.

As the chiropractor for former mayors, Olympic athletes, international celebrities, and local VIPs, his favorite patients are those that have had enough of drugs and want a real solution to getting healthy. 


Dr. Gringeri, a Certified Digestive Specialist for over 20 years, asserts “we routinely correct Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure in our clinic in a way that is almost effortless for the patient. This same kind of help is available for other serious health concerns and should be the standard of care”. His approach has been praised by patients for years, as the many testimonials he has received from patients confirm. 


Now specializing in working with Type 2 diabetics, after accurate digestive, respiratory and structural evaluation, Dr. G teaches patients to easily reduce glucose levels through a customized program of diet, specific nutritional formulations, chiropractic adjustments, detoxification and exercises, after which their medical doctor can usually reduce and eventually eliminate their medication. The program is now available to patients who live out of the area, done online and by phone, with test kits sent directly to the patient. 


The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution, Dr. Gringeri's long-awaited book has now been published. It gives patients more understanding about how they can better control their own diabetes, as well as stop the dwindling spiral of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic that plagues this country.


“Our current healthcare system betrays the very people that pay for medical research,” Dr. Gringeri says, and adds that, “a tremendous amount of suffering goes on because the-powers-that-be keep simple, healthful cures out of the hands of those who need them. I am not interested in bucking the system, I’m interested in offering the other side of the story, the side that makes the patient, not the doctor, the hero in the healthcare arena.” 


After completing a post-graduate program in chiropractic neurology, Dr. G created a successful Parkinson’s treatment program, and opened Advanced Physicians Medical Group, in 1998 to create a multidisciplinary clinic with a unique MD who shared his “drug-free” healing philosophy. This provided a collaboration toward more complete care and healing for patients. Upon the MD’s departure to complete a residency, Dr. Gringeri resumed his practice as a solo practitioner. From his specialized post-graduate training in neurology and nutrition, Dr. G developed his treatment protocols using the analogy of the human body as an engine. His Human Engine Approach™ led to outstanding success in the treatment of conditions that range from allergies, acne, auto injuries, and acid reflux, to Type 2 diabetes, migraines, sciatica, sleep apnea and fatty liver. Following the Human Engine Approach, the body, like your car, needs fuel. But, eating healthy food isn’t enough! Your body needs to fully digest and assimilate the nutrients, which most bodies with health issues are not doing. Like an engine, your body also needs oxygen, and aging bodies need more than they routinely get.  Spark plugs initiate the burning of fuel in your car, as this is needed for your cars engine to run. Our human engine also runs with the electrical activation accomplished by our nervous system. As we age, it becomes sluggish, and slowly shuts down. 


Like a masterful mechanic who can tune your car back to peak performance, Dr. Gringeri has discovered the needed diagnostic tests that allow him to locate the areas of your body’s engine that need correction. This miraculous engine does not need drugs, except for short-term emergency situations. It needs nutrition, oxygen, and proper electrical nerve flow without interference from muscle spasms, misaligned joints, or soft-tissue damage. When your body’s engine is deprived of this fuel, oxygen, and spark, it slows down, gets tired, stiff and sore, feels moody and loses its zest for life. When we find the parts of your engine that aren’t working efficiently, you get the tune-up of your life! As many of the success stories received from patients say, “you saved my life”, or “I now have my life back”. 


The good news is, it can be so simple. It is not mysterious or complicated. Patients see results quickly and get motivated. What they do with the program depends on their goals and ambitions. But, they have more energy and go on to improve the quality of their life. Our approach will increase your awareness of your body. The result is that you can finally do something that will make a difference in the handling of diseases, injuries, and common health issues. Why wait!

A Bit More of My Story

How I embarked upon helping people with Type 2 Diabetes
So why is a chiropractor writing about diabetes? Chiropractors just fix bad backs, don’t they? Let me start from the beginning. I started my practice in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in 1987. Early in my practice, I hoped to help suffering and sick people get well and healthy people get healthier. I wanted to help people improve their health and well-being and I was looking for the most effective ways to contribute.

About 10 years into my practice, a patient I’d met at a health fair complaining of back and neck pain came to see me. At the initial consultation, his first words were, “I don’t know why I’m here.” He was so sad he almost broke down in tears as he told me, “I do have back and neck pain, but I also have Type 2 diabetes.” At 46 years old, he’d had diabetes for about 16-1/2 years. For 15 years, medicines had controlled his blood glucose levels quite well, but, for the last year and a half or so, his glucose levels were all over the map. He was scared. His mother, who was 25 years older than he, was blind, on kidney dialysis, in constant pain, and she’d had one foot and part of one leg amputated. He said, “I see where my Mom has ended up and I have gone through the exact same things she’s gone through. She’s followed her doctor’s orders. She’s worked hard to try to maintain her blood sugar, but as this disease has progressed with her, things have just gone really bad. It would be a blessing for God to take her. She’s in constant, terrible pain. I don’t want to end up like that.”
It wasn’t his back or his neck. His trouble was diabetes. Being used to treating sore necks, backs and headaches, obviously I wasn’t thinking about blood sugar, or helping a client manage his diabetes. Here’s the deal about me though – I never back down from trying to help – no matter what the problem is. Interestingly enough, as I talked more with him, and made some dietary recommendations, his response was, “Listen, I have an excellent medical doctor already dealing with it. He already referred me to a world-class endocrinologist who recommended I follow a treatment program based on the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. It worked for 15 years. They spend billions of dollars on research, and my doctors have me following their guidelines very closely. I’m having trouble as it is. They’re the experts. I’m not going go off a program prescribed for diabetics by the true experts.”
So, I wasn’t a “diabetes expert” in his mind. Which, at the time, was true. To this day, I make no recommendations on medications, per “doctor’s” orders. If a guy can get his blood sugar under control, by any effective means, he greatly lessens the otherwise high risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and all the other conditions associated with diabetes, so it’s not a trifling matter. In the case of this patient, he’d gone straight to medical intervention, which was becoming less and less effective, without ever having tried a less invasive approach. And I knew I could help. We talked at length about what he wanted, and, at the end of our consult, reluctantly, he agreed to try my supportive-care program for a couple of weeks.

I put him on a program that was designed to address the underlying circumstances that lead to diabetes and to assist the body in its own efforts to return to natural health. As a result, he brought his sugar totally under control to the point where he was able, with the agreement of his medical doctor, to go off his medications and still keep his sugar in a normal range. Hear me. His blood glucose was in a normal range and he was on zero medications.
If you’re not diabetic, this may not sound like a tremendous feat, but if you are, and you struggle day after day to lower your numbers, measuring your blood glucose three to four times a day, often losing the battle with your numbers, this was a tremendous victory for this man. He was worried for his life on a daily basis for more than a year having expectations of blindness and amputations, and in one month he was back in charge of this disease and winning the battle with his blood glucose monitor.

This was amazing. It shocked us all, his doctors included. This man was working with some of the best medical minds in the nation. Silicon Valley, California is home to Stanford Hospital and some of the finest medical doctors and medical facilities in the nation. He was an excellent patient who faithfully followed “doctor’s orders,” was diligent about creating a healthy lifestyle, yet nobody could help him control this deadly disease. A brief explanation may help at this point. No health practice can heal a body. Neither drugs, nor surgery, nor any external application can make the body heal. If you cut yourself, you can clean the wound, apply antiseptic, and a bandage, and give it a kiss and wait for it to heal. Is it the cleaning, the antiseptic, the bandage or even the kiss that made it heal. No. The body heals itself when it does get well. What health practitioners do, and what the cleaning, the antiseptic, the bandage and the kiss hopefully, is assist the body in that process. Chiropractic’s viewpoint is that we can remove any blockages to the body’s getting well and set up the environment in which it is more likely to heal. Make no mistake about it, the body heals itself.
And so began my journey helping Type 2 diabetics heal themselves. I have helped hundreds of people reduce and in most cases eliminate their medications, with their medical doctor's agreement. I'm here to help you do the same.


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