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Margaret Cimafranca


Age: 84 yrs old

Type 2 diabetes since: 2008

Medications: Three

Insulin: No

Hello, my name is Margaret Cimafranca, and I am happy to share my story with you. I'm 84 years old and my diabetes had been getting progressively worse over the past 5 years. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 15 years ago, and when I started with Dr. Gringeri, I was on three different medications - Metformin (to lower glucose), Atorvastatin (to lower cholesterol), Amlonipine (to lower blood pressure). I had been trying to handle my Type 2 diabetes myself and I was very frustrated that no matter what I did, I couldn't get my glucose numbers down.


I decided to attend Dr. Gringeri's seminar on Type 2 diabetes earlier this year and I'm so glad I did. It was so informative. I was immediately hopeful that I could do something to help my condition. As I get older I am concerned with losing my independence and the ability to take care of myself and do the things I enjoy in life.





Margaret had several non-optimum situations when she came to our clinic - digestive issues, sleep problems, glucose levels too high, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, neuropathy, and tremors. Her main concerns to handle when she started with us:

1. Lower glucose.

2. Reduce Neuropathy.

3. Have better balance.

4. Address tremors (onset the past 10-15 years).

5. Reduce or eliminate her medications.

Dr. Gringeri did a physical exam and nutritional work-up for Margaret to determine the best steps for her and a program that would address Margaret's main concerns. The goal, of course, was to lower Margaret's glucose levels to a normal range so her medical doctor can reduce or eliminate her medications. By doing this, and using The Human Engine Approach™, Margaret's other concerns would also be addressed.

After the initial nutritional work-up, Dr. Gringeri recommended a 3-month Type 2 Diabetes Program using the Human Engine Approach™. Dr. Gringeri's trademarked approach addresses three main components - Oxygen, Fuel, and Spark. Margaret could get significant change within a 3-month time period, attending the clinic 3 days a week for the 3 month program. After the 3 months, Dr. Gringeri would evaluate Margaret's progress and see if further care was needed, or if Margaret could be put on a maintenance program. While Margaret's main concerns are listed above, Dr. Gringeri was also addressing some long-standing digestive issues as well as sleep problems.

TWO WEEKS - Within a couple weeks, Margaret was getting much better sleep. She was sleeping through the night.

ONE MONTH - Margaret was having some digestive issues that may have been the result of the new supplements she was taking, or from her Metformin. Dr. Gringeri had Margaret stop taking the supplements and to check with her medical doctor. Metformin often causes digestive issues, and her medical doctor agreed to have Margaret stop taking the Metformin to see if the issue resolved. Margaret's digestive issue did resolve after stopping the Metformin and the supplements for a short time. She returned the taking the supplements only, with no digestive issues.

NOTE: Margaret's treatment with The Human Engine Clinic is meant to improve digestion and absorption, and the digestive issue caused by the Metformin is an indication that our treatment is working. Since Margaret is digesting food better on her own, she no longer needs Metformin.

TWO MONTHS - Balance is a little better. Glucose levels are better, but we still need more progress. Neuropathy is better. All three medications eliminated! This is amazing progress. Margaret was able to achieve better glucose levels without taking medications within two months.

THREE MONTHS - Results to come - there is still more work to be done. Below are current statistics  for Margaret's progress. Look for final results coming soon. It's looking really good so far!

Glucose Down without Medication
Numbness and Tingling in Hands and Feet
Much Better
Off All

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