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Chiropractic Care

How We Help You

Dr. Gringeri has been helping people all over the world for the past 30 years. Using chiropractic, diagnostics, physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation, both local and international patients alike have sought his care and expertise. Dr. Gringeri will take the time to review your unique needs and recommend a treatment program that will work for your time and budget. If you have injured yourself, had a car accident, or just woke up with your neck or back hurting, we will work to get your body working as optimally as possible.


Our Philosophy

The Human Engine Clinic practices traditional chiropractic care which works to fix misalignments in your spine causing nerve interference (subluxation). Some chiropractors just treat the symptoms of your pain, and while getting you out of pain in our priority, keeping you out of pain and in optimal health is our goal. Traditional chiropractic is a simple, direct approach that allows you to recover from the condition you may be suffering from in a more stable and lasting way. Each person's situation is different. We will help set expectations for your treatment.

Functional Nutrition

Dr. Gringeri has great knowledge of enzyme replacement therapy and nutrition. Patients can find answers to almost any health situation they want to resolve. Be sure and ask the doctor about a nutrition program if you are suffering from any issues listed below:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Crohn's Disease


The Human Engine Clinic accepts all major insurance providers, medicare, worker's comp and personal injury claims. Please contact our clinic for more information on our chiropractic and rehabilitation services by calling 408-984-7444.


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