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It Takes Two, by Richard Gringeri, DC

There is a song called, It Takes Two, by Rob Base. It starts out with the lyrics:

“It takes two to make a thing go right.”

It is a very catchy tune and when people hear it, they just want to dance.

Now this song is being used to promote getting vaccinated and getting your flu shot at the same time. (It takes two.)

As I said in a previous email, my license does not give me the right to tell you whether or not to get vaccinated, but I feel like I can comment on this promotional program.

I have read some information put out by the government that says it is safe to have multiple vaccines done together as they see no problem with the immune system as a result.

All vaccines, flu shots, etc. have some very toxic components. The mainstay of my practice for the last 10+ years has been helping patients with Type 2 diabetes get healthier so that they don’t need so much medication.

Google: “Do You Know What’s In A Vaccine?” and look that poster over. It may help you to understand that there is some toxic exposure with any vaccine.

I have a friend and colleague who has written a book called, The Sanctity of the Human Blood. This gives you the side of the vaccine controversy that the government will never give you.

You may or may not know that much of the research on the cause(s) of Diabetes—both Type 1 and Type 2—indicates that toxicity is a significant underlying cause of these diseases. So, toxicity can have some pretty devastating consequences.

That being said, whenever you get a vaccine or a flu shot, your body has to work to remove as much of the toxic material introduced as a result of the vaccine, etc. to recover and not get sick. The more of these toxic elements that are introduced into your system, the harder the job your body takes on in trying to eliminate the toxic elements.

If too much toxic material is introduced at one time, your body’s detoxification systems can be overwhelmed and these toxic chemicals can now do some serious damage to your body.

The US Government has taken the position that multiple vaccines at the same time do not cause an overwhelm of the immune system. Many holistic MD’s have a different veiwpoint on this.

So, I cannot recommend whether or not you get a vaccine, but I think it is just common sense to leave a little time between vaccines when you can so that your body can properly deal with the toxins introduced.

While I am not telling you one way or another whether or not to get any vaccine, the more that you understand the risks and benefits, the more research you do on your own, the more you can make an informed decision for yourself.

In Wellness,

Richard F. Gringeri, DC

The Human Engine Clinic


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