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The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution - Book Excerpt #5, Author: Dr. Richard F. Gringeri

Common sense solutions that can save your life and solve the Type 2 diabetes epidemic

Excerpt from Chapter 12: The Human Factor

"It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet."

– Margaret Mead

Famous 20th century Anthropologist

There are many gifted researchers and practitioners who have much more scientific knowledge than I do in the fields of neurology, nutrition, respiration and detoxification. But, people are not chemistry sets nor are they easily able to change a behavior just because it makes sense, or is backed by science. That’s why so many experts in the science related to improving health often don’t do so well when working with real patients.

In my practice, when I began using this Human Engine Approach™ with people, concentrating on three variables – oxygen, fuel, and spark – almost one-for-one they were able to significantly improve their health status, lower their numbers and, working with their medical doctor, get off their medications. It’s almost too easy – although it takes some persistence.

If a patient comes to see me who has been diabetic for six months, we can usually help him restore normal function fairly quickly and easily. What about someone who’s been on medication for 30 years? I had such a Type 2 diabetic come in for care who was on 200+ units of insulin every day and about 9 other medications as well. He was morbidly obese and he’d gained 45 pounds in the last few months before visiting my office. In this case, his potential for full recovery was less, and would take longer.

People still surprise me though. I had a patient who was on 100 units of insulin get off all her insulin in two and a half months. This was a highly unusual situation. Her sugar kept dropping and her medical doctor said just keep adapting your dosage of insulin to your sugar levels. She quickly progressed to the point that the need for insulin was no longer there, and then she started working with her MD on reducing her metformin and her glyburide.

I’m telling you that this approach is a workable approach. Is it a perfect approach? Well, it works. Could it be improved? Yes. Yet with no more tools than we currently use, we can take out the diabetes epidemic right now for better than 80% of the people who have Type 2 diabetes.

If we had some in-patient care available, hospitals where we could take the tough cases like the one I just mentioned, and control their diets and lifestyle for a period of time, it’s possible we could resolve well over 90% of Type 2 diabetes cases. The morbidly-obese patient to whom I just referred had to be sent out to a local hospital’s cardiac rehab unit as doing a program of exercise in my office would have been too risky. Having access to a naturally-focused hospital would have allowed me to have optimal control of his program of care.

If you can control a person’s diet and lifestyle for awhile and help them establish some proper habits, they usually can beat diabetes. When I say beat it, I mean they can get their sugar back under control and they can get healthy again and reduce their risk for all these complications like kidney failure, blindness, amputations, heart attacks and strokes.

There are many other people out there who are promoting that they can help diabetes. I don’t have the only approach – but I’m going to tell you there are a lot of people who say that they have a cure for Type 2 diabetes. We must be careful with that word “cure”. If the “powers that be” say that there is no cure, then you better not cure anyone. You better not even get too close to a cure or you can get into some real trouble.

Not too long ago, I spoke for a group who trained with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and had produced a documentary called, “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.” It’s a beautiful program – vegan, completely raw food, healthy – it’s really great. The problem is that a high percentage of people would have a hard time sticking with this program. In my experience, it requires too big a change all at once for most who would try it. Dr. Cousens is a genius – truly committed to helping his patients achieve high-level wellness. If his approach were done on a little gentler gradient, I think he would win the world. Since raw food is replete with enzymes, training patients to prepare tasty, raw-food dishes and meals is an integral component to any program that looks to make long-term, permanent changes in diet and lifestyle. I’m a big advocate of raw foods, however I believe a person will do well if they also eat high-quality meats.

It has been my experience that many people don’t do well on a vegetarian diet. It is my contention that if we eat high-quality meats with a variety of vegetarian fare, much of it raw, we can achieve possibly the best level of health attainable...


To learn more about what you can do to help your Type 2 diabetes and how you can regain your health, buy and read The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution. You can purchase a signed copy directly from our office. Call us today 408-984-7444. Or, use the link below to purchase on Amazon.

Look for more book excerpts coming soon. Buy your book today!

Here's to your good health,

Richard F. Gringeri, DC


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