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The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution - Book Excerpt #3, Author: Dr. Richard F. Gringeri

Common sense solutions that can save your life and solve the Type 2 diabetes epidemic

Excerpt from Chapter 3: It's Not the Only Game in Town

"Tell them they can have any color they want, as long as it’s black." – Henry Ford, 1914

Let me tell you – or maybe just remind you – of a story you may have already heard. Years ago, Ford Motor Company had a monopoly on cars, and the cars came in one color: black. When men would go to the dealerships to buy their cars, their wives would ask, “Would you see if you can get this car in a different color?” So many dealers were asked this question so often that they started sending letters to Mr. Henry Ford, the president, letting him know that the consumers were really wanting different colored cars. At first he ignored their requests, but when the barrage of requests became constant, he responded by saying, “Tell them they can have their car in any color they want – as long as it’s black.”

So let’s take a step back to what we know now. We know that allopathic medicine’s* premise is that you use poison to help a sick person back to a state of health? In the book referred to in the last chapter, All Medicines are Poison!, there’s a reference to the medical doctor’s viewpoint about why “poison, cut and burn” is sometimes the only rational option to restore health. It is interesting that this is how our medical system operates. This is what the most-trusted health advisors in our country are taught and this is what they believe. And then we believe them – somehow we decide that their viewpoints are much more worthy of trust than our own. If you had never been to a medical doctor before and someone told you they were going to attempt to fix your health problem by poisoning you but not enough to kill you, would you try that first? Or would you try nutrition, rest, chiropractic, or acupuncture first, and if those did not work, maybe then try the poison route? Or no matter what, would you say that poisoning yourself to try to regain your health is not a good long-term solution?

Now, I have an even more important question. Remember I said that seminar attendees said they don’t like medications because they are toxic (poisonous). Often, when asked why they’re taking the medications they say they don’t know. I say, “You have a lowered health condition and the way you’re trying to regain your health is by swallowing poisonous chemicals. Is this true?”

Most will say they take medications on their doctor’s advice, believing there’s no other option, even though they’re dismayed to see their condition worsening and their medications increasing. I tell them they should communicate with their doctor when it makes no sense to them. There may be more to the story on a case-by-case basis but isn’t it kind of strange that we swallow poisonous chemicals in an effort to control a condition that may well be the result of the inability of the body to overcome just such pollutants, and don’t really know why? At the very least, I think we should want to know.

One attendee explained it this way. He said he wouldn’t think of questioning a medical doctor’s prescription because the drugs “undergo rigorous testing” and are proven to be completely “safe and effective” before they’re allowed to be marketed. Perhaps he hasn’t heard of thalidomide (a drug, which was supposedly safe, given to pregnant women in the 1960’s and caused severe birth defects), or he’s missed the countless commercials broadcast by an army of law firms trolling for victims of ineffective and damaging drugs and treatments. An entirely new dimension has been added to malpractice in recent decades in that it seems drugs are no longer required to have scientifically demonstrable medicinal validity. They can just be drugs. And in our litigious society, medical doctors can be at risk if they refuse to prescribe them.

I believe that we as a nation are in danger and that massive escalation of medication of patients is more likely contributing to, rather than reducing, the danger. I realize that not everyone is going to agree with my premise, but I do believe somebody has to speak out or the consequences will be dire, and I am prepared to do so. This message needs to be sent. You will understand this more as we progress through this book. And, there is a common-sense solution that needs to be made available on a large-scale basis right now!


To learn more about how prescription drugs can contribute to and worsen your already poor health and how to take control of your Type 2 diabetes, buy The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution on Amazon. You can also purchase a copy directly from our office and we will include some bonus material and a signed copy of the book. Call us today to order - 408-984-7444

Look for more book excerpts coming soon. Buy your book today!

Richard F. Gringeri, DC

*allopathic medicine - A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery. Also called biomedicine, conventional medicine, mainstream medicine, orthodox medicine, and Western medicine.


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