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The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution - Book Excerpt #2, Author: Dr. Richard F. Gringeri

Common sense solutions that can save your life and solve the Type 2 diabetes epidemic

Excerpt from Chapter 7: The Real Cause

"The sign of a good doctor should be how many patients he can get off medications, not how many people he puts on medications. " – Unknown

Now let’s look at some more research. This will put the final nail in the coffin of current drug treatment for Type 2 diabetes. People usually give me five main causes for Type 2 diabetes:

  1. Obesity

  2. Poor diet

  3. Poor lifestyle or stress

  4. Lack of exercise

  5. Genetics

This is what they’ve been told. Now notice, if genetics caused diabetes, what it means is that your family did it to you. If any of the other four reasons caused your diabetes, it means you did it to yourself. In order to fix anything, you have to take some responsibility for it, don’t you? So, when they say to you, “It’s your fault,” you say to yourself, “I guess it’s my fault. I can buy that. I’ve been a little lazy.” Have you been eating some things you know you shouldn’t have been eating? We all know that we’re partially, if not completely, at fault here. And guess what, if you did it to yourself, who can fix it? That is right, you can. So there is something good about being willing to take responsibility for your condition, because it means that if there is a potential correction, you will be the one to make sure that it happens.

Many of my patients work long days and are also raising a family. They’re busy so they eat whatever they can get by with to make sure their kids have food on the table and new sneakers for gym class. We’re out there struggling and working and we know we push the stress limits. We know we don’t eat well sometimes. We know we’ve done some things that would contribute to becoming diabetic, so when we’ve been told “it’s all your fault, and if it’s not you, your parents did it to you.” We’ve bought it. We’ve swallowed this hook, line and sinker.

Would you like me to give you a different look at this? I say it’s not your fault and I am going to show you some proof!

Have you ever heard of a magazine called WDDTY? WDDTY is a magazine from England. Its full title is: “What Doctors Don’t Tell You - A Review of Conventional Medicine and Safer Alternatives”. By the way, the headline on the cover of the December 2006 issue reads: “The Diabetes Epidemic: Brought to You by Big Pharma.” What does that mean? Responses to this question in my seminars include: “maybe the pharmaceutical companies are promoting this so they can make more money.” Or, “maybe they just want more and more people to be aware of the problem and get checked so that more people are diagnosed and treated and they can swell their profits.” Good guess, but it’s incorrect. What the headline means is that pharmaceuticals – the drugs and pharmaceutical interventions that we have had or taken in our lifetimes – cause diabetes!

Let me say that again. DRUGS CAUSE DIABETES!

How’s that? Do you think that’s possible? Lynn McTaggart, editor of WDDTY writes: “One of my special heroes in the field of modern medicine is the little-known scientist, Lisa Landymore-Lim. Lisa began by puzzling over the epidemics of ear problems, deafness, asthma, and diabetes among young Western children.” Landymore-Lim was curious as to why, in nations like England and the United States, where we have good hygiene, excellent medical care and medical facilities, clean water, etc., and yet young children from these countries have more diabetes, more asthma, more hearing problems, and more deafness than children in other countries? Her premise: there must be some environmental cause for this. McTaggart continued, “After noticing tremendous variations in the incidence of these diseases in different cultures, she began to suspect that some environmental cause must be at play. She wondered whether the culprit could be the commonly prescribed drugs given to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and young children. Eventually, she narrowed down her concern to antibiotics [and certain antihypertensive drugs and diuretics].”


To learn more about what causes diabetes and how to take control of your Type 2 diabetes, buy The Ultimate Type 2 Diabetes Solution on Amazon, or purchase a copy directly from our office and we will include some bonus material and a signed copy of the book. Call us today to order - 408-984-7444

Look for more book excerpts coming soon. Buy your book today!

Richard F. Gringeri, DC


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