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The Minus 9 Club - Losing 9lbs in the New Year

Did you know that Americans gain an average of 9 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? Here's your chance to drop those Lbs that you may have put on in the past few weeks and go into Spring already meeting some healthy-living goals. Here's how it works:

Give us a call or message us using the message link here on the website to sign up. We'll take your name and information down and schedule you to come in for a brief, complementary health consultation. Every 2 weeks we will do another check-in with you to hold you accountable and help you meet your goals. You can schedule additional work out sessions using our upper body ergometer and nutritional consultations if you think the extra help will get you meeting your goals, or you can feel free to go it alone, only coming in for your two week check ins.

April 1st will mark 91 days into the new year. The goal of the -9 club is to lose around 1 lb every 10 days and keep it off. On Friday, April 1st we will see where all club members are with their goal, hopefully in the first 90 days of the year you have either met - or exceeded it! We look forward to supporting you through and can't wait to get these goals met in 2022!


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