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The Bottom Line - Diabetes is the 5th Leading Cause of Death in the United States

After spending billions of dollars on Diabetes research, United States citizens are reeling from an epidemic raging out of control with deadly disease consequences. Medical research and clinical studies now show that current treatment protocols cause the very complications diabetics work so hard to avoid.

What are the symptoms of a body with Type 2 diabetes?

Diabetic patients tell me of the overwhelming fatigue that accompanies their condition. They eat a reasonable diet, and yet their cells can’t absorb the nutrition in their bloodstream. They are literally starving for nutrients even though the energy that is needed is already in their bloodstream but can’t be accessed and used by their cells. Poor digestion is a common symptom of the diabetic.


There is not one Type 2 diabetes drug that can safely improve your body’s function regarding digestion and assimilation, while there are natural protocols that can help restore this function very effectively.


Much of the pain that diabetics experience is from a loss of circulation caused by narrowing of the blood vessels due to plaque and degeneration. High glucose levels in the blood cause the damage known as neuropathy. Current research now indicates a high percentage of diabetics don’t even know they have neuropathy. Untreated, this is what leads to amputations of feet and legs. It is also the cause of blindness.


Diabetics statistically are twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke as non-diabetics

We often think of the USA as the land of medical miracles. Not with diabetes! I recently read that there is expected to be a 40% increase in the incidence of diabetes in the next 18 years and that one out of three Americans will have Type 2 diabetes by the year 2050. This is an epidemic running out of control.

Our work with type 2 diabetics over the last 20 years has produced some amazing discoveries:

  • With proper treatment, your glucose levels should return to normal and then your MD will likely be able to reduce and, in most cases, eliminate your medications

  • Your body can digest the food you eat and metabolize the way it was intended

  • You can reduce your blood sugar levels

  • You can lose weight and gain more energy

  • You can take back control of your health and your life

I’m here to tell you there is a way out.

We won’t use the word "cure", the AMA does not recognize a cure for diabetes. But I am speaking of supportive care for a struggling pancreas aiming to get your blood glucose level stably under your own control.


I have helped hundreds of patients restore their body to normal levels of function so their MD could reduce or eliminate their medications. Often when you improve the body’s function, you also eliminate the need for cholesterol and high blood pressure drugs as well. These conditions frequently accompany diabetes.


Only your doctor can take you off of your diabetes medications and he/she would only consider doing so if your blood glucose is very well managed and stable in a normal range.


To pinpoint the correct treatment, an examination and diagnostic testing are used to arrive at a precise diagnosis. This allows me to guide you through a customized program of treatment designed to progress at a rate that is workable for you.

Call our office today and schedule your free consultation for your Type 2 diabetes 408-984-7444

To your health!

Richard F. Gringeri, DC


Do not alter your medication schedule without consulting your medical doctor and without your medical doctor’s consent.


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