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Diabetes Complications - Should I Be Worried?

We all know Diabetes can hurt. Emotionally, mentally and obviously physically, Diabetes causes issues, but some of us may not be truly aware of the dangers they face. This post isn't about scaring you - it's about educating you, so take a deep breath and first understand that Diabetes IS treatable. It's not a death sentence or even exceedingly difficult to manage. With a little knowledge about what's what, you can arm yourself with the tools to combat this disease. Let's get started....

What are some acute (developing suddenly and generally not long lasting) complications that can occur because of Diabetes?

First on the list is Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). This is a medical emergency and the severity cannot be understated - it is not to be confused with intentional (and benign) ketosis which occurs on an extremely low carb diet! DKA occurs when your body can't burn sugars properly, so it starts breaking down and burning your own fat and muscle. You may find yourself with severe abdominal pain and later lethargy which can progress to diabetic coma. DKA can easily become severe enough to cause hypotension, shock and even death. Don't worry though, prompt treatment usually results in the patient pulling through to a full recovery.

Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are also common conditions that can occur due to untreated Diabetes. This happens when the body has too much or not enough blood sugar in the system. These imbalances are as common as they are dangerous. As with DKA, medical treatment is necessary.

As for acute conditions most people have heard of Diabetic coma. This occurs when the above have progressed to the point that the patient's body shuts down and goes into a comatose state. Medical treatment is obviously needed and unfortunately diabetic coma is not all that uncommon. Why? Many ignore their health decline and don't take action while they can. These are just acute conditions - conditions that are not long lasting and can generally be resolved with prompt medical care.

What about chronic conditions? What should I be informed of?

First, as we've discussed in other features, one can become immuno-compromised. Your body is simply not working in peak condition and that can leave you susceptible to all kinds of bad guys, from viruses to infection. This is of special concern during this Covid 19 pandemic.

What about your heart? It seems easy to tell now, but many Diabetics don't understand the toll that inconsistent blood sugar numbers has on your ticker. From neuropathy (decreased sensation usually tingling or in the feet) to retinopathy (growth of poor blood vessels in the eye causing loss of vision) to even periodontal disease, your circulatory system suffers.

These are just the less known and less thought about complications that can easily arise with unchecked Diabetes. We at The Human Engine Clinic want you to be as healthy as you can be and live your best life, so if you're concerned about that foot tingling you've been feeling or your eyesight fading a bit, we urge you to give us a call for a short one-on-one any time at 408-984-7444. You only get one body, and it's important you're good to it - and we can help. Diabetes can be extremely manageable and even reversible with the right care and considerations. Stay tuned for more info on how you can limit your risk for the above complications.


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