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Anti-Aging, Just For the Health of it!

Americans are living longer now than ever before. What is of ultimate importance with our increased longevity is our quality of life. Many of our senior citizens live out their final days in a nursing home. When I visited a nursing home while in Chiropractic college with a professor of mine who was an M.D. years ago, I saw rooms full of beds with all the occupants in bed. I thought that this was odd since it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. My professor told me that they keep these elderly patients medicated so that they will stay in bed and then they won’t fall down and break their hip as this could lead to their rapid demise.

Seeing this scenario in a town with a very wealthy populace strengthened my resolve to stay healthy and not end up like that. At that moment, I was extremely grateful for the profession I had chosen. As we age, our body’s nervous system – the master system of the body – slows down and as a result so do all of our other functions. We are not as fit or strong as we were when we were younger. We don’t digest our food as well, we often suffer from arthritic changes in our joints and stiffness in our muscles, etc.

Your Secret Weapon

But there is a secret weapon to slow the effects of aging. Consistent chiropractic care is that very weapon. It is unparalleled in maintaining flexibility, mobility and balance as we age. In fact, there are many weapons, but you might like to know more about this one. It seems that patients who use chiropractic care as part of their health regime are often a lot healthier than their counterparts. A study done by Ian Coulter, Ph.D, Health Consultant; RAND Professor, School of Dentistry, UCLA; Professor, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic did a study comparing geriatric (over age 75) patients under chiropractic care to a control group that had never had chiropractic care.

The results showed that chiropractic patients were:

• 41% less likely to be hospitalized

• 79% less likely to use a nursing home

• 34% less likely to suffer from arthritis

• Able to exercise more vigorously.

• More active overall

• Likely to rate their health as good to excellent.

• Use less prescription drugs

Now, aren’t these anti-aging effects that we all want for ourselves?

Maybe it’s time you began to use chiropractic care, not just for your aches and pains, but for the secret weapon it really is, just for the health of it!

A Program for Anti-Aging and Health

We have a special program in the office now for patients to get adjusted once per week. It won’t take more than a few months for you to see some very nice changes in your overall health and mobility. The program is very affordable and is meant to keep you in tip-top shape. Call our office for your next adjustment and a consultation to see if this program will work well for you.


Richard F. Gringeri, DC


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