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A Season of Gratitude, Part 2

Following up where we last left off, we were talking about how we helped a young man’s parents with advice on “building a brain" for their developmentally delayed son. Onto more recommendations involving supporting the structure of the part of the brain that has to do with vision. The parents were told he may not develop normal vision, and the first part of developing normal vision involves a normal and fully functional pupillary reflex.

In order to check the pupillary reflex (the reflex where tiny muscles expand and contract to let light into the pupil) you may go into a fully dark room and turn the lights on. Leave the lights on for five to ten seconds and then turn them off. Go back and forth in this manner for a few times through the day to help fully develop this vital reflex. Once the pupillary reflex is working well, get the child’s attention with an object and have him follow the object

up, down and side to side. This is called "motion tracking" and helps work the muscles of the eyes which can increase the activity level of the brain. In effect, the parents will help the child to exercise these body parts and so build a stronger brain.

These exercises are crucial to normal brain development. I strongly encourage parents to run through the suggested exercises to help their little ones develop strong, functional reflexes and to support normal brain health. If a child is not stimulated in this way, their chance of normal brain function is slim.

Tying this in with gratitude, think of how often you train and challenge your eyes. Do you stare at a computer or phone screen for longer than you would like to admit? Our eyes and brains need constant stimulation so get them viewing things - light, dark, far away, up close - and let the gratitude for what you can take in visually fill you up. This holiday season I'll be rejoicing in the beautiful and ugly views that life brings us, and I hope you will too.

Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon!

Rich F. Gringeri, DC

The Human Engine Clinic


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