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Believe in Success - Tom's Interview

Tom, just like many of my patients had many issues that we wanted to confront with our Human Engine Approach. We don’t get into religion here at the clinic, but we’re happy to be a part of each patient’s success, whether they chalk their success up to hard work or divine intervention. Here’s a great interview with one of our staff members, Steve, and Tom who is a believer. He goes into his success and his biggest wins of the year, and we’re happy to hear from him and wanted to share. Intent on not going down the path most Diabetics find themselves, he lowered his numbers, and is showing consistent improvement. Read on or click the video to find out more!

Dr. Gringeri, D.C.


Read the transcription below to find out more about Tom's succeess with The Human Engine Clinic and Dr. Gringeri's unique approach to Diabetes and related conditions


Tom: “Well today was yet another miracle. I don't know if this is appropriate or not, if not you can erase it, but this is kind of in conjunction with a class that I am taking. A required class to get a degree in information technology. It's a class on the Bible and they talk about miracles. In fact in the days of Jesus and the disciples, people argued about whether or not about miracles.

This certainly this is not a religious event here, but since I've been coming here, I keep getting these miracles. I don't know what else to call them because in the world at large, the medical profession, seems to be not aware of the things Dr. Gringeri is aware of.

I don't mean to knock the medical doctors, and the medical doctor I go to see is a great guy but I suspect when I tell him about this, he is not going to know about it. He shows a great deal of interest in my interest in alternative solutions. It was interesting that he told me medical doctors don't have a solution for peripheral neuropathy. When questioned further, he says they don’t have a solution for diabetes.

Just this picture of going down this path, downwards, until you die and then you just get worse on the way. You have organ failure, you go blind, you get amputated. It's not a pretty picture. So when I went to Dr. Gringeri’s lecture, and I know I'm a skeptic and I try not to be skeptical but I am, I said to myself that this just sounds too good to be true. I didn't believe it and I told one of my friends recently that fortunately, this doesn't require belief for it to work.

So I started taking the supplements he recommended. I started taking them yesterday and I measured my blood sugar this morning and almost fell over because it was 99 and it is typically between 135 and 140. For a long period of time, it's just been getting a little higher and a little higher and a little higher and I just couldn't believe it.

One more miracle. So as I said, I am taking this course and it talks about miracles. This is a Christian related thing and the miracles of Jesus Christ and we have miracles today. One person suggested that we have miracles today but we are more scientific about it. I suspect that's what this is. A scientific miracle. I am blown away by all of this.”

Steve: “Let me ask you this question. You say it's normally about 135 to 140 over the past how long?”

Tom: “Well I stopped for a long time because I often got discouraged.”

Steve: “How often have you measured it in the past month?”

Tom: “I tried to measure it when I started seeing Dr. Gringeri but my meter had been sitting in the drawer for a long time and it failed. They sent me a new meter so I've been taking it for about a week now.”

Steve: “How many times in the past week?”

Tom: “Everyday.”

Steve: “Every morning. And what was the range?”

Tom: “135 to 140.”

Steve: “So in the past week, seven days in a row, it was never under 130?”

Tom: “It was never under 130 and today it was under 100. It was such a big jump. It surprised me. How can this be?”

Steve: “Has there been any other change in your life other than the supplement you started taking yesterday?”

Tom: “No, no other changes yesterday. I'm still shaking my head, in a good way. How do we get this out to the world? There's so many people, I mean I know two guys that about my age and have similar problems. They're both interested and skeptical like me, but are both interested because what’s the alternative? The alternative is what Dr. Gringeri describes in the seminar and what my medical doctor told me, are one in the same.

It’s going to continue to get worse and we're going to do the best we can for you and we may have to amputate at some point. You may go blind. This is not acceptable to me so when I ran into Dr. Gringeri one night at a restaurant and he told me about his diabetes clinic, it was a ray of hope. And believe me, the skeptic that I am, this is a ray of hope. Like I told my friend on the phone today who's also interested, when you're in the middle of the ocean and you're drowning and any straw that floats by, you are going to grab it.

Dr. Gringeri, in my opinion, is hope and now that hope is expanded and becoming a reality.”

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