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Why is a Chiropractor Talking to You about Diabetes?

Have you ever wondered why we refer to our clinic as “The Human Engine Clinic” or why we bothered to trademark our approach to health as “The Human Engine Approach”?

Well, that’s because for 25 years now, Dr. Gringeri has been teaching his patients that the human body is an engine. It’s not just like an engine – the human body really and truly is an engine. Just like the engine in your car, your body needs fuel to convert into movement, oxygen and a spark to activate it.

The fuel in your car is obviously the gasoline that you put in it. The oxygen from the air is brought into the engine, and the spark that ignites everything is from the car’s spark plug. Human bodies need fuel to run too. The food that you eat is the fuel that runs your human engine, the oxygen comes from the air that you break, and the spark is the electrical activation from your nervous system. Your body needs the same three components that an engine does: oxygen, fuel and spark.

As mentioned above, we have actually trademarked the name “The Human Engine Approach" to healthcare, and we did that because we’ve found while evaluating people’s oxygen levels, nervous, and digestive systems, that those three components have a lot to do with how healthy the patient is. In fact, it seems like almost any health problem has a root cause in any one of those three areas (or in more than one of those areas).

We’ve had exceptional results helping people with Type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, people who are recovering from strokes, people who have digestive problems, Parkinson’s patients and many other people from every walk of life. We’ve worked with people all over the world both remotely and in person.

Not only do we help with pervasive illness, but we have helped people after auto collisions or other trauma like a fall. The Human Engine Approach is a universal technique to work with a number of injuries, trauma and conditions.

Let’s take type 2 Diabetes specifically as an example. Most

medical patients slowly worsen while under care. Think about the kind of care they are given. Prescriptions, checkups and insulin are usually the norm for treatment. We like to work in conjunction with the patient’s medical doctor, so they are abreast of our treatment program and are on board with the goal of relieving the patient’s conditions.

Referring to the fuel aspects of our Human Engine Clinic approach to supportive care, as your car will not run without proper fuel intake, your body won’t run from a poor quality diet – or a great diet with a poor digestion system. If you’re not fully assimilating the nutrients in food due to a damaged digestive system, you’re not utilizing the fuel you’re putting into your body. We’ve found that when diet and nutrition are addressed, we can often make a very significant health improvement.

With diet though, there’s no one size fits all. D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, can be quoted as saying “what nourishes one person may be toxic to another”, and we take that in and apply it to our treatment methods. What some people can assimilate easily, many others may have sensitivities or problems digesting. Our exclusive digestive surveys and analysis will help to make the patient more able to objectively decide on the most beneficial diet.

So the first step of our digestive work up is to find out which foods you take in and digest well and which foods are ‘problem foods’. Then, we help tailor a diet that is right for you. Keep in mind that these dietary changes are slight and gradual, so that they can be more firmly adhered to. It’s not about eliminating everything, it’s about minimizing digestive stress and maximizing digestive intake. We work to have you eat less of what you don’t digest well and more of what you do digest well. It’s just common sense.

As a specialist in enzyme replacement therapy, Dr. Gringeri, DC guides his patients into proper nutrition and helps to maximize each patient’s ability to absorb key nutrients. By recommending specific food supplements to make up for any deficiencies that you have and suggesting supplemental nutrition, most of our patients notice significant improvement in their overall health as a result.

Finally we work with the patient's entire nervous system, stimulating it and making sure it is at optimum activation levels. An active nervous system is the key to making sure food is digested properly and oxygen gets to each and every part of the body.

This approach to care might be right for you or a loved one. If you’re interested more in The Human engine Approach to supportive diabetes care, please don’t hesitate to reach out. There’s almost always a way to improve your health to the point that your medical doctor can reduce or eliminate your medications, insulin or other harmful prescriptions. If you have suffered from a car accident or some other traumatic injury, pain medications and the traditional form of treatment may not be the way you would like to approach healing. We’re happy to consult with you on your health and wellness, and help you on your journey.

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