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Success in One Month

An oldie but goodie, looking into our vault of success stories it's always fun to find inspiration through our patients reaching their goals. This patient is still doing quite well two years later, but her amazing jump to success only one month into her program is a fantastic thing to share. Read on to hear about Appollonia's success.


June 25, 2015

For 15 years I have been dealing with health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive difficulties, etc. With all the medical treatment I have had, I have never had the sense that I am getting better, only slowly getting worse.

"I have slowly been getting weaker and weaker."

I went to a seminar given by Dr. Richard Gringeri and really liked what he had to say. I decided I wanted to do a Human Engine Approach program with him, but my family talked me out of it. They said that it is not possible to get healthy again and get off my medications once you have Diabetes. About a year later, I went and heard him speak again and decided I needed to do something because my future was looking very grim. I made the decision to work with him.

"I have only been under Dr. Gringeri’s care for about a month."

I am sleeping much better. My alternating constipation (which sometimes is very bad) and diarrhea is gone. This alone has been such a relief, I can’t tell you. My A1C was 7.9 and is already down to 6.0. In fact, I just had more lab work done with my M.D’s and they are all amazed at my great improvement. My bladder problems are much better now. My left knee has been getting weaker and weaker. It is getting stronger now and does not bother me nearly as much as before and now I can wear heels again after years of not being able to do so. I frequently would wake up at night with cold sweats because my glucose levels were crashing. That is almost gone now. I have come into this office feeling very bad and after treatment left feeling great. I consider that what is being done here is nothing short of amazing. This program of care is very easy and yet all of the patients I have met here are doing great.

"Coming in everyone is always smiling and I am always happy when I’m here. Sometimes I don’t want to leave."

Dr. Gringeri has been very caring. He listens to my personal needs and he helps to tailor what I need in a program that is best fit for me. I feel that he is personable, accommodating, and very informative. He continues to educate me about my challenges and presents me with facts that allow me to make choices about the steps I need to take towards getting healthy. As opposed to medical doctors who spend 5 minutes with you and write a prescription without really listening or caring about your needs. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Coming in everyone is always smiling and I am always happy when I’m here. Sometimes I don’t want to leave. It feels like a more friendly less intimidating gym. The staff informs me about all my treatments and therapies so I feel less intimidated here and more comforted knowing I’m always monitored by a staff that cares.

Lastly, I have hope. There is hope in my life and I feel I have a brighter future now after my treatment with Dr. Gringeri. I wish I had done this program 10 to 15 years ago. I would recommend seeing Dr. Gringeri to anyone and everyone. I’m so happy I made the decision to come in. It has drastically changed my life for the better.

Appollonia U.

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