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Curtis' Success

What can we say about Curtis?

Curtis is a wonderful patient and a kind human being who has been plagued with Diabetes for years. Curtis came to our seminar last November and started care with us on a nutritional advice plan in the spring of this year with an A1C at a staggering 9.1. In October, just a matter of months later and only with sound nutritional advice and enzyme replacement therapy, Curtis has managed to drop his A1C down to 6.3.

This is astounding!

To put it another why, Curtis' average glucose levels were hovering at a very high range. Around 250, and now they're down to an average of about 150. Of course, there's still a ways to go, but we're confident we'll get Curtis' numbers down to his goal levels. Curtis has experienced an increase in his quality of life. With his insulin units down from over 20 to 14-15 units, Curtis is bound to reach his goals and become completely insulin and prescription free soon.

Check out his interview below and take it straight from him!

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