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Patient Interview A.V.

When A.V started with us he was skeptical as most new patients are, but now he is seeing results and is very pleased. A.V was concered about taking insulin and how his dosage was going up from 3 units to 28 units in just 3 years. Read A.V's story and see how our program has worked for him.

Dr. Gringeri: When you were first diagnosed with Diabetes, what were your numbers and what were your greatest concerns when you first met Dr. Gringeri?

A.V.: 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was concerned about insulin dosage as it went from 3 units to 28 units in under 3 years.

Dr. Gringeri: What additional conditions or complications were developing as a Diabetic? Did you have any additional concerns?

A.V.: I was feeling lethargic and tired as well as experiencing muscle pain.

Dr. Gringeri: What had your doctor been telling you and doing for you regarding your health condition?

A.V.: He told me to work on my diet and exercise as well as take my medication and insulin.

Dr. Gringeri: What valuable information did you get from attending Dr. Gringeri’s seminar?

A.V.: I learned that Diabetes prescriptions can be toxic.

Dr. Gringeri: How long have you been on your treatment program?

A.V.: I’ve been on the program for one month.

Dr. Gringeri: How do your numbers compare now with when you began and how is your progress?

A.V.: Previously my fasting glucose levels were 140-160 and postprandial 190-240. Now my fasting levels are 110-140 and postprandial 160-190.

Dr. Gringeri: What would you say about the quality of caring and professionalism of the doctor and staff?

A.V.: I’m very happy with the services from the clinic. Rachel and Crystal are great and Dr. G gives me hope. He spends a lot of time with me to explain the condition and the treatment plan.

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