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Summer Wellness for Diabetics

Summer can be relaxing, refreshing and fun, but it can also lead to some concerns many Diabetics face. Just like winter, the change in temperature can lead to changes in your blood sugar and other complications. High risk Diabetics (those that are insulin dependent) should especially take note as, depending on the individual, glucose control can be very difficult to maintain. We’ve compiled a few ways that should help you maintain your summer cool, even under trying temperatures.

  • Monitor the side-effects of your medication.

  • ​Some side-effects can seem more intense during the heat, so monitor how you feel and make sure you’re keeping a blood sugar and food diary, so that you can accurately record any disturbances.

  • Drink lots of water!

  • ​Remember that diabetics are at greater risk for dehydration due in part to the side-effects of common prescription medications paired with warm weather. Make sure that your water intake is adequate.

  • Monitor the temperature of your supplies and insulin.

  • While the temperature insulin can climb to before it starts to degrade varies, it’s important to know where your insulin lies on that scale. Make sure to not leave your glucometer in a hot place, or it may not get an accurate reading.

  • Remember to have some fun in the sun (but don’t get burned!).

  • Studies have shown that Diabetics that get more vitamin D and exercise are more likely to have their doctor reduce their medications. Make sure you check with your doctor before extended periods in the sun and wear sun block. Sunburn can cause unneeded stress on the body and make it more difficult to control glucose levels.

Always consult your physician before any drastic lifestyle changes, and monitor your glucose frequently. The summer should be fun, not a headache!

Interested in more information for Diabetics? Attend one of our free community Diabetes Seminar & Lunch Events.

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