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Hat's off (and 22 lbs) to Gene!

We've been working with Gene since the beginning of the year and can't say how pleased we are with his success! Gene was apprehensive at first after attending one of our Diabetes Lunch events but decided he needed to take action and control his numbers, so he started a 3 month treatment program with us. It's now mid-April and his results are phenomenal!

In the morning Gene is seeing an 80% reduction in his insulin intake (from 100 units down to 20). He's seeing a decrease in his afternoon and evening insulin intake as well. He's down about 50%! This is great news!

But what are his sugar levels?

Genes sugar levels before starting the program were not ideal to say the least. He was having a hard time compensating for carbohydrate intake and controlling glucose spikes later in the day. We're happy to say that his ability to control his blood sugar has greatly improved! His readings in the morning decreased by half along with his need for insulin.

"I get up in the morning and my blood sugar readings are between 80 and 130. My readings used to be in the morning (around) 200. At lunch time (they) used to be 280, and at dinner time a lot of times, it would be in the low 300s.

My readings have come down, do I attribute that to Dr. G? I guess I have to!"

-Gene Campbell, April 2017

*Please consult your primary care physician before adjusting insulin or prescription medication levels!

Let's talk about weight loss....

Gene started our program at 242 lbs, which was not ideal to say the least. He has now lost 22 lbs and is continuing to lose. He's noticed his body tightening up and his belly flattenining down and hopes to continue on this trajectory in the coming months. We wish him nothing but the best and thank him for sharing his story with us.

"In the time-frame that I've been here, I have lost weight from 242 down to 220! Maybe in the next month or two I can REALLY get down!"

-Gene Campbell, April 2017

these are obviously great wins for Gene and we're so pleased he decided to share. Thank you, Gene, and keep up the good work!

Our next Diabetes Seminar and Lunch is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 @ 10am in our clinic. Please call for details or to register for a seat: 408-984-7444

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