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Janet's Success

We can't stress enough here how easy it is to make the few lifestyle changes necessary to gain back vibrant health. Many of my patients come into my clinic thinking there is nothing left for them to do to regain the quality of life they had. The side effects of the medications they are routinely prescribed can become too much and truly decrease their overall health in the long run. It was great working with Janet, and I'm happy to say that after just 6 months of treatment, she was able to get off those harmful prescriptions and regain a quality of life she had thought unobtainable up unto that point. Her story is below:

"When I came to Doctor Gringeri's seminar, it gave me hope that I could get healthier and maybe get off my medications. That is why I signed up.

In the six months that I have been working with Dr. Grrigerei I am now walking a mile and a half at a much faster rate than before. When I first came to his office he tested me for nerve damage and I found out that it was significant. My nerve test shows normal levels now.

My bladder control is better, not having to go as often. I am off all medication (Diabetic and cholesterol). I am feeling less tired and I don't feel like I want to fall asleep all the time. My balance has improved as I am not tripping of feeling like I am going to fall."

- Janet R.

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