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After Stroke, A Champion Keeps Winning

I wanted to share an applicable success story. Tim came to me after a stroke with close to no hope for a full rehabilitation. His doctor said he would never ride a motorcycle again. Using completely natural, drug-free treatment methods, I had Tim back on a bike, racing professionally within 14 weeks!

"I've raced motorcycles most of my life. While being an iron-worker by profession, I continued to race until I had a stroke at age 53. Following hospitalization, my doctor told me I would never ride a motorcycle again. When I began a natural (NO DRUGS) treatment program with Dr. Gringeri, I was very debilitated. My speech was slurred, and I could barely walk- even with a walker. I had trouble doing even simple functions like eating and personal hygiene.

14 weeks after starting care with Dr. Gringeri, I was fully rehabilitated, and entered a motorcycle race. I came in 3rd place. Four weeks later, I won the Mistletoe Marathon, an endurance race that requires significant agility, fitness, strength and endurance. The following year i won the Mistletoe again, and qualified for the nationals for the first time in my racing career.

Even after my serious illness, Dr. Gringeri's drug-free Stroke Recovery Program out-performed the best that conventional medicine had to offer. if ell better than I have in years, and my wrist, hand and ankle, which felt disconnected after the stroke, seem hardwired to my brain. My reaction time is great now."

If you're interested in natural and more effective stroke recovery therapies, don'e hesitate to reach out! Dr. Gringeri will discuss with you naturally returning the body to a healthy status while greatly reducing stroke symptoms and show there is real hope for better speech, balance and coordination after a stroke, no matter how long ago it occurred.

Help is possible even if it has been years, and that help is effective and natural.

Many physical problems resulting in pain or numbness also respond well to nutritional treatment and digestive support. Often when a patient’s nutrition/digestive status is improved, the health-improvement benefits include, but go far beyond, healthy natural symptom relief.

Reach out to us at 408.984.7444

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