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A Valentines Value for You!

We wanted to share the love with our patients, so for the rest of the month, we'll be offering our 5 point diagnostic health and wellness evaluation for an incredible $149. This, normally $350 value consists of 5 tests that Dr. Gringeri, Digestive Specialist and Board Eligible Chiropractic Neurologist will use to get a sense of your baseline.

The tests we offer are:

1: A Digestive Stress Questionnare - this will determine if you have a general or specific digestive concern.

2: Heart Rate Variability Test - a test will reveal your cardiovascular fitness level and measure a component of the nerve system that controls digestion.

3: Body Fat and BMI - these tests give a baseline to allow you to see progress should you start working on your health in our clinic.

4: Oxygenation Check - this is done with a pulse oximeter which measures the oxygen levels and profusion into soft tissues. We will also measure your passive infrared levels to determine how well your body absorbs oxygen.

5: Antioxidant Scan - The BioPhotonic scanner is a cutting edge testing tool that non-invasively measures Carotenoid levels in living tissue providing an immediate indication of a person's overall antioxidant levels.

If you're interested in the above, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

We're here for you....


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