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Why We're Against Long-Term Prescription Treatment

Your nervous system is the master system that controls your body's functions.

Prescription drugs interfere with your body's natural control system and endanger your health!

Prescriptions cut off, numb, chemically alter, and interfere with the brain's attempt to send and receive signals intended to maintain your body's optimal health. They are not good long-term solutions. The body has the ability to heal with the correct nutrients, with adequate oxygenation and proper nerve system function. Your body is a miraculous engine that knows how to heal itself. With Type 2 Diabetes, your body's control system has been overwhelmed and needs to be restored and balanced so it can function again correctly. It's that simple!

Your body's ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe.

Drugs are useful in emergency, short-term situation, but prolonged use in many instances can be more detrimental than not taking them in the long run.

While medicine temporarily masks the symptoms you are trying to handle, the drugs create negative side effects elsewhere in your body. If you ask your doctor how the prescriptions they are giving you work, even they may not understand the real chemical changes and negative side-effects that the drugs create in your respiratory, nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems, and they certainly will not understand how they work in conjunction with other meds.

Just take the time to read the dangerous side-effects listed in magazine ads or listen to the warnings in the commercials on radio and TV.

It's not about lifestyle alone...

I found in my practice that after most patients are told that they are borderline Diabetics, they try like crazy to handle the problem themselves. They try to work on their diet and exercise more, but since there is so much false information regarding nutrition and diet, and because most medical doctors have little if any training in nutrition, even with their best efforts, patients are not able to control their numbers and eventually end up on prescribed medication.

Ask YOUR doctor how many hours of formal nutrition training they have had in medical school, and the majority of them will admit they have had none, or a few hours at best.

The longer you have Diabetes, the harder it is to control.

I have been doing educational seminars on Diabetes for many years now, and the vast majority of attendees agree that they are not getting better with the help of their primary care physician. Their medications are increased routinely, and they end up feeling worse. By the time they get into my office, they are close to giving up. They don't really believe anything can be done to improve their condition. I'm here to give you hope that something can be done for you. Feel free to reach out to my office for information and to further educate yourself not only on this pervasive disease, but on the dangers of the prescription drug cycle. (Your medical doctor will continue to work with you and manage your medical treatment and prescription drug levels.)

Interested in our approach to supportive Diabetes care? Let us reach out to you with a free consultation or attend one of our Free Lunch & Learn Events!


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