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Metformin and YOU

We love sharing interesting resources we stumble upon from time to time, and this article has some really interesting points. What we found most interesting, however, were the comments. The experiences people have had on this drug have been less than ideal. What's your experience with Metformin? Reach out to us and let us know!

Read the article below:

by Quinn Phillips - Diabetes Self Management Blogs

"Since its debut in the United States in 1995, metformin has become the most popular oral drug for Type 2 diabetes in the country — and the rest of the world. Current guidelines by the American Diabetes Association state that unless there are special risks in a particular person, metformin should be the first drug prescribed to people with Type 2 diabetes. Yet perhaps due in part to its popularity, metformin isn’t free of controversy. As we’ve discussed previously here at Diabetes Flashpoints, there are concerns about prescribing metformin in people with kidney disease, and some doctors even question whether metformin deserves its status as the universally recommended first-line drug for Type 2 diabetes. In addition, there’s debate about whether metformin should be taken by more people with prediabetes....."

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