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Continuing to Win, 17 Years after His Stroke

I stay in touch with my patients, and it is great when my patients stay in touch with me. Tim Aguilar is an incredible athlete and competitive motorcycle racer. When he had a stroke at age 53, he was told his career of motorcycle racing was over.

Tim came to The Human Engine Clinic for help with his stroke recovery about 17 years ago. Tim had suffered a life-changing stroke that left him very debilitated. The stroke seemed to come out of nowhere, and for an athlete who works out a lot and takes care of himself, this was not a reality that Tim wanted to accept.

Tim had been told by his medical doctor that he would never even ride a motorcycle again. Looking at him, I could see why his doctor gave up hope on him. As with a lot of stroke patients, Tim's speech was affected, as well as motor functions – he could barely walk. While I never guarantee full recovery from a stroke, I was confident I could help Tim restore some of the body functions that he had lost. As we worked together, it was very gratifying to see his progress.

Using completely natural, drug-free treatment methods, Tim was back on a bike and competing in races within 14 weeks!

Here is Tim's story

"I've raced motorcycles most of my life. While being an iron-worker by profession, I continued to race until I had a stroke at age 53. Following hospitalization, my doctor told me I would never ride a motorcycle again. When I began a natural (NO DRUGS) treatment program with Dr. Gringeri, I was very debilitated. My speech was slurred, and I could barely walk – even with a walker. I had trouble doing even simple functions like eating and personal hygiene.

14 weeks after starting care with Dr. Gringeri, I was fully rehabilitated, and entered a motorcycle race. I came in 3rd place. Four weeks later, I won the Mistletoe Marathon, an endurance race that requires significant agility, fitness, strength and endurance. The following year I won the Mistletoe again, and qualified for the nationals for the first time in my racing career.

Even after my serious illness, Dr. Gringeri's drug-free Stroke Recovery Program out-performed the best that conventional medicine had to offer. I feel better than I have in years, and my wrist, hand and ankle, which felt disconnected after the stroke, seem hardwired to my brain. My reaction time is great now." -Tim Aguilar

It is now 17 years later and Tim is still healthy and able to race!

Tim stays in touch with me and lets me know how he is doing. He notifies me of his workout progress and of his fitness level in general. Tim works out in a gym in the city where he lives and over the last few years he has won many fitness awards locally, as well as placing in the top 5 for statewide and international competitions. Tim has the cardiovascular fitness of a 25 year old Olympic athlete at age 70.

You may not be a professional athlete, or even workout on a regular basis, but if you have suffered a stroke, or know someone who has, there is a very good possibility that more recovery can be attained. Tim's story is a huge success. Your story can be too!

I look forward to seeing you. In good health!

Richard F. Gringeri, DC



If you have suffered a stroke, or know someone who has, and would like to learn more about how to regain more function, I would like to invite you to our "More Complete Stroke Recovery" seminar. To find out when our next seminar is happening, go to our Free Seminars page.


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