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Doreen's Results

Doreen is a great story. This is a woman who doesn't was going the traditional medical route and just not seeing the results she wanted. Not only was she concerned about the impact long term prescription use would have on her body, she seemed dedicated to fully removing presciptions from her treatment plan. Here's her story:

"I don't like taking any toxic substances into my body. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, Diabetes, high cholesterol and was on four medications. I wanted to get off these and at the seminar I found hope that I could do this.

When I came to Dr. Gringeri for care, my blood pressure was 180/95. At my last doctor's appointment it was 123/80. my blood glucose is much better. My digestion is great. Most of the aches and pains in my body are gone. I am very happy with the outcome, especially because I am now off all my medications."

Doreen M. , June 2015

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