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What People Are Saying

I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis back in the 1990’s, and suffering with it for over twenty years. When I came to the Human Engine Clinic I was not in good shape, I was having a hard time moving and I was depressed. It was a vicious cycle of pain and depression because I was in pain. On the very first day visiting Dr. Gringeri I experienced relief - I could move my hands and make a fist for the first time in a very long time. Since then, I have done a full program with Dr. Gringeri and it has been like a miracle! I’m out of pain, and I’m not depressed anymore. This was the easiest thing I have ever done. I didn’t know I could feel this good. Honestly, for anyone else who is suffering, I highly recommend this treatment.

Sharon D.

When I started the program I was taking 7 different types of medications per day.  They made me feel tired, sick and I had trouble sleeping. I was slowly getting worse and worse and my MD kept increasing my medications. After 6 months of treatment I am on ZERO medicines! My blood sugar and blood pressure are normal. I FEEL GREAT! I have lots of energy and I’m finally sleeping well.  


As an operating room technician for more than 25 years, I have worked with many excellent doctors here in Silicon Valley.  After Dr. Gringeri’s help to recover healthy digestion and stabilize my blood sugar, I am much healthier now, on much less medication. As far as I’m concerned, he is the best Doctor I have ever met.


My doctor stated I was pre-diabetic  and my greatest concern was becoming diabetic. I hoped to learn alternative methods to return to good health. To the diabetic that fears nothing can be done about their condition, I would say go to one of Dr. Gringeri’s seminars! He can offer you alternatives to taking prescription medications.


My numbers were 250 – 300 and my concern was getting off my medications as well as my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleeping disorder and neuropathy…The medication I have been taking has not really helped. Within 5 weeks or so into my program is when I saw the change. My sugar levels are dropping, my cholesterol is dropping and my blood pressure. I started about 3 or 4 months ago. My numbers are now 98 – 125, a couple of times it hit the 200 mark. I feel 90% better. I have more energy and am losing weight… If you’re tired of medications, you really need to try Dr. Gringeri’s method. You got nothing to lose, but the medications.


Many doctors are too busy and over worked to take the time to really look at you holistically.  They have deadlines and quotas.  Dr. G. takes the time to really get to know you and come up with a plan designed just for you!  I really enjoy our 1-on-1s where we just sit and talk for an hour or more about big pharma alternatives, lifestyle choices, recent blood work, and whatever else comes up.   I am lucky to get 10 minutes with my primary MD. If you are looking for someone to take a big picture look at your health, and get you on the right track, I highly recommend Dr. G. and The Human Engine Clinic


I got rid of my high blood pressure pills; I reduced the cholesterol pills but still working on reducing my Metformin. I have reduced that to taking only one 500 mg a day and still not able to get rid of it... 2 months had passed, I am now completely free from the PILLS! Since I am a regular hiker, and I know my exercise, I elected to do this on my own without the doctor's help. I advise people to take the doctor's program if they are new to the exercise program. It helps. I just turned 79 in May of this year and I can tell you I am a new man. This is the year I start to enjoy myself!


I went to Dr Gringeri for allergy help.  I had been researching allergies and found out they can be related to digestive problems.  I had both, allergies and digestive problems. I had previously been going to a nutritionist for 2 years but still had major problems breathing.  Dr. Gringeri is a digestive specialist so I decided to give him a try.  He did some standard testing and then put me on a very tailor-made program to handle my digestion. Within a few weeks my allergies started to subside and soon I was breathing normally with my allergies under control. He handled in 2 months what a nutritionist did not handle in 2 years. I am very happy with the results.


I hurt my back seriously loading and unloading boxes all by myself. I hurt the lower back which affected the sciatic nerve. I've never ever had back trouble like this and I did not know what that incredibly bad pain which affected my leg and rear meant.  I got so I could not walk without help. I went to Dr. Gringeri and he and his staff worked with me and it is clearing up.  Last week I could not walk without a cane and was in excruciating pain, this week I'm walking fine and the pain is barely a memory. Thank you for the help.


Dr. Gringeri's lecture gave me the answer I had been searching for to control and eliminate my diabetes.  After about 7 weeks into my program my blood sugar has dropped to almost normal, my diabetes medication is down by 1/3, and my weight has dropped 10 lbs.  The nutritional analysis gave me eating guidelines I can live with without contributing to my diabetes.  I am stronger and my body is more limber after adjustments.  It's so nice to be cared for in a nurturing and loving environment.


While working with Dr. Gringeri and his MD almost 10 years ago, my uncle was able to get off all his medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He has been able to keep these under control all this time and remains medication-free to this day.
I have recently started a program with Dr. Gringeri. I am learning a lot about my condition and how to help it and I am starting to see some real nice improvement in my blood glucose numbers.
We are taking things one step at a time so the program has not been difficult and I am looking forward to a healthier future.

Kanwardip M.

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