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Our Stay Well Protocols

The Human Engine Clinic is open for business and seeing patients. We are an essential care facility and we are seeing patients who are in need, who are in pain, and those who are on a current treatment program. New patients and inquiries are always welcome.


Businesses in Santa Clara County are responsible for taking steps to protect the health of their workers and customers by minimizing close contact between people and maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment. As a precaution, our office is continuing to sanitize daily. Patients are not required to wear masks, however you are welcome to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable.

As a trusted and essential healthcare provider, The Human Engine Clinic continues to take steps to prevent the spread germs in our office. We are following CDC and county guidelines, and adjusting to changes in guidelines as we get information.

The Following Protocols are in Place:

  • Social distancing - We are seeing patients one at at time in our office, unless you are family members, then more than one person is allowed.

  • Disinfecting between each visit - A thorough disinfecting wipe-down of all common areas, equipment, and facilities used are done after each visit.

  • Personal Protective Equipment - The doctor wears a mask for every visit.

  • Elevated temperature - Anyone with an elevated temperature is not allowed in the clinic at this time. We respectfully request you reschedule your appointment and stay home until your temperature is in a normal range. Please consult your medical doctor if you have any trouble breathing.

We will do our best to inform and help you navigate through this challenging time. We have some helpful information already in our Blog posts that you can access. Please read about how you can boost your immune system and prevent getting sick.

Stay safe and stay healthy,



Richard F. Gringeri, DC

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