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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some frequently asked questions. You may find the answers you are looking for. If not, please Contact us.

  • If I sign up for your newsletter, can I opt-Out?
    Yes. If you are on our mailing list, and you want to opt-Out, you can Unsubscribe at any time. Our goal is to provide insightful and helpful information that is interesting and valuable. If you are not finding our content helpful, why not notify us and tell us what topics you would like to learn more about. We also provide promotions and specials for you to save money. If you do not find our newsletter helpful, you can opt-Out. If you decide later, you can opt back IN on our website. You have control.
  • Does the clinic accept insurance?
    Yes. We accept all PPO insurance carriers and Medicare. We verify your insurance coverage for you so you know what your insurance will and will not cover.
  • Can I come to your clinic if I have a personal injury?
    Yes, we regularly accept people who have had a personal injury and in most cases, the patient’s automobile insurance covers the cost of care.
  • Where is your office located?
    The Human Engine Clinic is located at: 3461 Picadilly Drive, San Jose, CA 95118. Picadilly Drive is off of Hillsdale Avenue between the Almaden Expressway and Cherry Avenue. This is a quiet, peaceful residential area.
  • NEW - What is your cancellation policy?
    NEW CANCELLATION POLICY. To avoid any cancellation fee, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your appointment time, you will be charged for the appointment. This is a new cancellation policy as of April 2023, so we are allowing a grace period for the first time this may happen. After that, any cancellations done less than 24 hours prior will be charged the full amount of the appointment.
  • Does the clinic accept cash and credit cards?
    Yes. We accept cash and all major credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Payment is due at the time of service.
  • How much do your Type 2 diabetes programs cost?
    Type 2 Diabetes programs are not one size fits all. Dr. Gringeri has worked with patients for as little as a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. Remember, the average diabetic averages $20,000 per year on health-care costs over the lifetime of their disease. Handling your diabetes now may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in health-care costs and misery later. The doctor creates different programs based on each person’s individual needs, such as, how long they have had the problem, how severe it is, the patient’s age, their overall health, lifestyle, etc. To find out how much a program would cost for you, please contact our office at 408-984-7444 to schedule a Type 2 diabetes evaluation appointment. Click here to listen to the success stories of patients who have done Dr. Gringeri's diabetes program, and how their lives have changed. See a recent Case Study here.
  • Is the Type 2 diabetes seminar just a diet and exercise presentation?
    Absolutely not. It is so much more than that. The doctor will cover a number of published, peer-reviewed studies that will support a better way to view this seemingly benign, but truly life-threatening disease that puts the Type 2 diabetic more in the driver’s seat when it comes to improving and controlling their disease.
  • What do you cover in your Free Type 2 Diabetes seminar?
    Most Type 2 diabetics get worse and worse and have poorer blood sugar control over time. At the seminar you will learn why that is and that something can be done about it. You will gain a much better understanding of the true cause of Type 2 diabetes which will give you some insight into how to handle your Type 2 diabetes. More knowledge gives you more control. The data Dr. Gringeri shares in the seminar comes right out of the medical reference books. This information has been in the medical studies and literature for more than 75 years and it is being neglected by our medical doctors. You can also hear from people who have attended our seminar. Click here to see videos from attendees.
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