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Richard Gringeri, D.C. is a Certified Digestive Specialist for nearly 15 years and a graduate of Palmer-West Chiropractic College. Known as Dr. G to all his patients and friends he has been helping patients heal naturally for over 30 years. His unique approach to optimizing physical function through Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Nutrition has allowed him to develop protocols for effective lifestyle coaching that has assisted the reversal of symptoms for a variety of life-threatening health conditions, including Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and a variety of digestive disorders.

Fighting Diabetes: Radio Interviews with Dr. Gringeri


Chiropractic care and Nutrition working together to fight Diabetes!

The Human Engine Clinic is a diverse and vibrant clinic located in San Jose, California. Headed by Dr. Richard F. Gringeri D.C., Digestive Specialist and Chiropractor. The Human Engine Clinic works with people from all walks of life to helps them achieve their health goals. From Diabetes care to sports injury rehabilitation, we have the tools to get you on the right path to wellness.


The Human Engine Approach: Safe, Effective Diabetes Care

Human Engine Clinic has helped hundreds of Diabetics, and those suffering from related life-threatening illnesses like high blood pressure and high cholesterol control their numbers and get off harmful and ineffective medications.

Uncontrolled Diabetes can lead to a number of health issues, such as kidney problems, blindness and even amputations. With "The Human Engine Approach" there is hope and help for a safe and stable recovery.

Dr. Gringeri guides his patients through a customized program of treatment that is proven to be effective. After a short time on our program patients see results.


Our goal is to improve each patient’s health to the point they can be completely drug and insulin free. This is a completely achievable goal. 

We've helped hundreds of people get better control of their numbers, and regain a wonderful standard of living. Recognized by local and international celebrities alike, Dr. G has the unique experience and approach to help you achieve your goals to reduce and even completely eliminate your need for Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol medication. 

Don't take our word for it, watch the interview with Joe Theismann, Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Washington Redskins. You can also watch the video and Chiropractic endorsement by international entertainer and Wiggles front-man, Anthony Field. Featured in Anthony's memoir of healing, How I Got My Wiggle Back, Dr. Gringeri was happy to help Anthony regain his health and wellness and get to the root cause of his conditions, eliminating them from his life. 

Prevent health and body issues

Diabetes: The Human Engine Doctor interviewed by Joe Theismann

Chiropractic: How Dr. Gringeri and Dr. Stoxen helped Anthony Field get his Wiggle back
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Learn to get control of your numbers, and get off harmful and ineffective prescriptions.

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Dr. Gringeri has been helping people all over the world for the past 30 years. Through his unique and experienced approach using chiropractic, diagnostics, exercise rehabilitation, enzyme replacement therapy and nutrition, both local and international patients alike have sought his care and expertise. 

The Human Engine Clinic accepts all major insurance providers, medicare, worker's comp and personal injury claims. Please contact our clinic for more information on our chiropractic and rehabilitation services by calling 408-419-1605 or using the contact form below.